Monday, February 13, 2012

Dog Bite Money... and more!

So, I uploaded one of those "follow me around" videos, yesterday. If you haven't seen it, you can go to my youtube channel, at, basically I just went with my mom on Saturday. We grabbed breakfest at one of my favorite places, that is like home to me. I have been going there, since I was just a wee little Maxi. It's called "bagel street" in Hamilton, which is like a second home to me. That is where my mom was originally from, and where my grandma lived. I had a turkey lettuce and tomato w/ provolone cheese, on a spinach bagel. it was yummy!! I like it there, because they have unique bagels. I can't just go anywhere, and order a spinach bagel, or a french toast bagel. They're not popular, other places. And, there, they are home made. I don't go there all the time, maybe about once a month, when my mom has a hair appointment. Because, it is right down the street from the mall that we go to. It is obviously a little far from my home, maybe 20 mins or so, and it another state, but, well worth it. After that... we went home, and I ended up taking about an hour nap. Then, I just got ready and re-freshed, and then we ended up going back out. We went to "The Rib House" in Bridgeport, which is about a half hour/45 mins away. We never been there before. but, Dog Bite Money was playing... and, since we never been there, we figured we could check it out. It's not one of my favorite places... honestly. I like it when they play at The Sand Trap, or at Screwballs personally. But, the food wasn't bad. and, Dog Bite Money is a cover band/garage band. Their awesome, they play all classic rock music, anything from Aerosmith to Bryan Adams! Good music, good food, and good people, always make for a good time.

I'm pretty wiped out. We didn't get home till close to about 2:30AM, or so. and, the power was out, when we got home. And, it didn't come on... until about 5AM, then, I finally fell asleep. But, woke up at 9AM. Just was having a rough time sleeping. and, everyone was cranky in the house because we all didn't sleep well, and we were all exhausted. But, it is worth being tired for.

I just kind of laid around all day yesterday (Sunday) and watched sappy love movies, and starting crying! Like, P.s. I love you... and, The Notebook.  I kept telling myself I wasn't going to watch those movies, because I know they would make me ball my eyes out, but nothing else was on. So.... I fell through.. Opps.

and, today I baby sat. Now, i'm just sitting on the couch, typing this. I'M SO TIRED! And, my back is killing me. I honestly don't know what is wrong with me, I don't know if i'm getting sick, if it's the weather, or if it is my period coming... but, either way, it's not fun. BOO!

Hmm.. so, Dog Bite Money, is playing again this weekend. They play on Saturday, at Franks (which I haven't been to yet!) and, on Sunday, at the Rib House again. I kind of want to go.. but, at the same time, I don't. Sometimes, it can get boring going like all the time, because if I'm not seeing them, i'll end up hearing like "sweet home alabama" on, the radio. And, sometimes hearing the same stuff.. over, over, and over again, can get a little boring. Plus, it doesn't give you much to talk about. But, I do want to kind of go at the same time. Since, they will be playing at Frank's. and, I have not been there yet. I love going to new places.... so, hopefully we can go, who knows. But, i'm looking forward to March! On St. Patty's Day, they are playing at a firehouse, and it will be a 5 Band Jam there. Which means, Dog Bite Money will be playing... but, so will 4 other bands. So, hopefully I will be able to meet some new people, and maybe even become friends with some of the other bands, there! Who knows. I never really did something like that, so, It should be fun. When I went to Tom's about 2 weeks ago, with my parents, and Audrey.. they were selling Tickets! And, It was $10 a person, unless you go... it will be about $15 at the door, the night of the event. In a way.. it is kind of like, bamboozle, except MUCH cheaper!

I love the story  behind the name of "Dog Bite Money" and, if you don't know already, or don't know me personally or just never heard the story... well, i'm about to tell you! :)

Basically, all of them are mailman. and, the guy who started the band (Tony) was on duty, delivering mail, and a Dog came up and attacked him. So, he got money for it. It's cheesy, but i'm a sucker. I love it! How cleaver.

They are all really nice guys.  They are like uncles to me in a way.. Seriously. We are like part of the family, now. and, everyone there is SO nice! I met some friends there, and they always go, just like us. So, it is like my little rock and roll family in a way. I love it. Such a good time, always. I wish I lived up near the King of Prussia area, that would be AWESOME! It's so different there, then it is here, at home. You can actually walk up to someone randomly... and, strike up a conversation, and people don't think your coo-coo. Here, at home, people are just assholes, and if you try and strike up a conversation with anyone, most of the time.. people just like to blow you off.

and, if you didn't know... me... I am VERY old school. I love old classic music. I love classic movies. I just love just about EVERYTHING from the 50's, or 70's. I sometimes wish that I grew up in that time era. I feel like, I am living in the wrong era, honestly. I am pretty mature for my age, and, I normally get along with people that are my parents age, then people my own age. How sad. I don't have many friends, that I can actually hang out with on a regular basis. But, it's the truth.

My dad has been everywhere, he actually lived up near the Norristown area, for awhile. and, went to school out there... and, everytime we go out there, he is always showing us where he went to school, or some pizza joint. and, I love it. I like going on a "tour" I LOVE stories! I just love it all. I always enjoy spending time with my parents. They are more then just parents, their my best friends. Although, sometimes they can REALLY drive me, crazy! I love them just as much. It is always some type of adventure when we are together. and, I am glad I can go to them, with just about anything.. and, tell them everything. I may tell them things, sometimes, that they don't wanna hear, but I know they wouldn't like if I was like my friends... and, I wasn't close with my parents. I probably the ONLY person I know, who actually enjoys hangin' with her parents, and are EXTREMELY close with her parents.

I wouldn't have it any other way. I cherish it, and I try and enjoy my time with them while I still can. Because, I don't know how long they will be here for.

I encourage all of you to do the same, with your parents... friends, and lovers. Life is short. Time is precious & priceless. Carpe Diem!

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