Friday, January 27, 2012

Hypothesis on this Weekend

So, does anyone else sometimes have a pretty productive weekend ahead of them? Where, you have a few events to attend? Yet, your excited and nervous, all in one? Well, that is how I am feeling right now. Very anxious. I don't know why I get like this... I guess, to see how fun (or, how well) everything will turn out in the end. I'll be seeing a lot of people this weekend.  and, when I know I will be seeing a lot of people, I get a little nervous.  I guess, I just don't want to make myself look like an idiot... and, trip.. and break a hip. Because, with my luck... anything is possible.

First off, let me tell you what I have planned for Saturday.. I am not ENTIRELY sure, what is going on for Saturday, yet, it is pretty up in the air right now. Things were being discussed and we (as in, My mom, myself, and my dad... and my uncle [[my dad's brother]] may tag along) may go to dinner, and then go see this band tomorrow night called 'Dog Bite Money' AKA 'DBM' they are a garage band, ranging from 40 years old to 52 years old. They play class rock music. They're pretty awesome! What nice men.

Lead Singer- Fred Geller (Who I call Freddy, but everyone else spells it Freddie)
Guitar- Chris Moran
Bass- Timothy Hoffecker (Who I call Timmy)
Drums- Steve Yosko

They been together for about 10 years now or, 11. I've seen them several times, over the years.. but, July of 2011, I decided to be an idiot, I recorded a LOT of their songs, when they played at the Italian Festival (I'm Italian), with the last name Romano... who would've guessed? ;), and, I made a video for them, on youtube. And, in this video, I said "I would so bang the lead singer he looks just like Steven Tyler!" Yes, I would like to state that isn't a VERY wise decision. I just took that video down, the other day... only took me, about 6 months! Hahaha. HOPEFULLY they forgot, all about it! I do think Freddy is a very handsome man, and, he acts and looks like Steven Tyler, in my opinion. But, after that video... I got a lot of attention, and at their next gig, and, it was at a Carnival at the Limerick fire house. and, I'll never forget it... It was one of the BEST days, of my life! Although, at that point in my life, I was going through some really hard times. But, It was July 15th, 2011. and, around 10:30PM or so, They started to play "Walk this way" By Aerosmith, and, I am a HUGE Aerosmith fan! (As I started in the previous  video from when they played at the Italian Festival) And, freddy likes Aerosmith, too! So, they started playing, walk this way... and, he had a cordless mic (as usual) and, he was walking around and dancing, as he was singing, and I saw him walk down the center of the tables, down the isle, and, I thought he went toward the back of the crowd (well, while I was texting... my twitter... saying OMG YAY DBM IS SINGING AEROSMITH) and, it was the verse where, "I gave her just a little kiss... like this." Freddy came up from behind me, when there was a pause in the music, put his arm on my right shoulder, and kissed my left cheek. and, I was SUPRISED I was like O_O and, I turned BRIGHT RED. As freddy proceeded to go back near the stage.... I looked up, and the guitar player, and Freddy giggled to themselves. I died and gone to heaven. But, from that day forward... I feel like a huge idiot, because Freddy is married, and, I believe he has a son and a daughter, who are close in my age range. and, I've spoken to his wife, at some of these events! I hope she doesn't think i'm some home wrecker, because i'm really now. It was more of a joke, and, I didn't mean anything by it. I wouldn't go through with actually "banging" him, I just think he is like ADORABLE. and, such a great guy!

And, back in November, we were at The Sand Trap, and, I brought my friend Dana with us to come see them, for the second time, and freddy was singing Summer of 69' by Bryan Adams, and I think it was also maybe around 10:30 or so, and, at this verse, freddy grabbed my hand, and we held hands, and he sang this part:

"Standin' on your mama's porch
You told me that you'd wait forever
Oh and when you held my hand
I knew that it was now or never
Those were the best days of my life"

It was so romantic!! haha... although i'm 20, i'm so cheesy, and, i'm such an old soul when it comes to a lot of stuff. I seriously get so excited, over the LITTLEST things!

It's funny, because the Drummer, and the Bass player... didn't start talking to us, until the end of October/Beginning of November.

Tomorrow, January 28th, will be there FIRST show, of the year!

So, as some of you can see, this is why I get a little nervous, when I go to these events.
But, it should be nice... i'm hoping we get a nice warm welcome. All of them there, always hug me, and kiss me! I made a few friends at these events too, which is  always nice. You can NEVER have too many friends! =) Everyone is so laid back up there. It is such a different environment, I love it. One day, I hope to maybe move up there. Only about 45 mins, to an hour away. If I even dare, to strike up a conversation, with people here...  like I do out there, they look at me, like I have 8 heads.. and 17 toes!

And, for Sunday, my older cousin, Michael, he will be having his graduation party. He graduated from Temple, and, I think he took a job... i'm thinking, in Florida, but, I could be wrong! Hopefully i'll find out tomorrow. I think he is going to do something, like accounting. I'm happy for him. It will be at the fire house, near his dad's house... I'm assuming his mom will be there, I haven't seen her since Ashley's graduation party, in July of 2010. and, I believe it's at the fire house that his step brother works at. I could be wrong.. hopefully it'll be fun. I am not entirely sure, if this party is for just the family, or if some of his friends will be there as well. I'm wondering if Hutch will be there! Which is, his "girlfriend" but, for, quite sometime, they took a break.. but they're adorable together. and, she is such a sweetheart. Things happen, and I know for awhile they were not on speaking terms, but I am glad they are again! It would be nice to see her, I believe, the last time I saw her was at the Christmas party, at Uncle Mike's house, in 2009. Ashley will be going... her and I have been texting this week, we don't always agree, so.. hopefully she doesn't shoot me dirty looks and hopefully everything is just hunky dory, the last thing I would ever want to do, is start anything. With her, or anyone really for that matter! I'm not about drama. I hate drama. I just get very urked, when someone trys to tell me what to do, it's my life. I do as I want. and, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I love texting her every single day! but, at the same time.. I don't think we should text a whole lot, so, that way, when we see each other.. it's not awkward, and, we can actually talk about stuff, in person, that way, as well. I am actually thinking of deleting majority of my dad's side of the family, off of facebook. I see them, much more, then I see my mom's side, so, they don't need to see what I am doing all the time. Although, I don't really make many posts on what I am doing, and, I may post a song lyric, or a quote down, maybe twice a week, or something. But, still, My aunt and I actually had a conversation, at the Christmas party about a month ago, and she was saying how she refuses to add like my mom, or anyone (she only adds her nieces, or nephews) FOR that reason, so family don't have to talk over technology, but they can call.... or, write a letter, or just talk in person. So, that way, it is more interesting, and not all boring when we see each other, which, I totally agree. Because, it's ashame, all my cousins at Christmas parties.. or any events, whip out our cellphones, or laptops, and just sit there, quitely, texting our friends, or whatever. And, it's awkward! It's been awkward for years. I am a very sociable, girl, and my cousins aren't. I mean they are, but just among their friends. They don't socialize with family much. A friend, of the family, actually commented me recently, and said "What happeend to your cousins? They're not social-able, and you are. I feel as if they are the rude ones." and, to an extent, I can see where she is coming from. and, I couldn't agree more at times.

So, hopefully this weekend will be a good one. Hopefully it wont be awkward. But, I tend to make things awkward sometimes... I just make some faces sometimes (that I don't mean to make, I just do, without realizing it) and, I think I give off the wrong impression. Like, when I'm just relaxing, and chillin'... people take it the wrong way, and, think i'm tired. but, it happens, I will defiantly keep everyone posted on how it turns out. I actually downloaded the app, for blogger, on my phone. So, If it comes down to it..... and, I have no one to text, and all my cousins whip out their phones, i'll just blog from my phone! I know, I tend to make a LOT of updates, on twitter, when I am out for the weekend like this. I may annoy everyone.. but, I just want to update everyone, in real time. ;)

but, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend as well. I am not sure If I will blog, again, this weekend, since it will be pretty eventful, so, that is why I am just writing a fairly long blog at the moment. To make up for it! If you have any plans.. please leave me a comment! I would love to hear about it!

xo ~ Miss Maxine ~

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