Friday, January 27, 2012

Review: Broadway Jet Dry Nail Glue!

I got this nail glue, because the normal nail glue that come with a set of fake nails that you can purchase from Giant, Walmart, or basically any drug store, just wasn't pushing it with me. It is pink glue, normally, and I can not squeeze it out of the bottle for my life. Well, this glue is AWESOME! You have to squeeze, but it comes out pretty liquidity, and, it looks like water. It is clear, and, you only have to use a VERY little, I wouldn't suggest squeezing two dots of this bad boy, onto a fake nail... like the bottle says, it dries VERY fast, and, since it is a little bit watery.... it also moves. So, when you flip the nail over, to center it onto your finger properly, and all, it may drip some... I would suggest using a paper towel, under your hand, just incase any falls. It is VERY sticky, and since it dries fast, and it is very movable, it may even get on your hand. Like, me! and, it is not a good time, if you get a little bit on your finger or on your hand. It dries, and almost looks like your finger is pealing. On the bottle, it says that if the glue and your skin bond together, get some nail polish remover, and/or acetone. I first tried a hot rag, and some of it came off, proceeded to use nail polish remover, that didn't work too good, it just got white color of the glue to go away, but your best bet is to use acetone, since that is what you would use anyway, to get your nails off.

On a scale of 1-10:
I rate this product a 8.8

1. Dries Fast (Does what it says)
2. Is easy to squeeze out
3. Easy to carry around


2. Movable, and the liquid falls off the nail.

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