Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Saturday.... My weekend

Soooo.... if you read my last post, I spoke about how I was seeing Dog Bite Money, on Saturday. I ended up going, yesterday I wasn't feeling it at first... but, I pushed through, made last min. plans w/ my best friend, Audrey! And, she came with me. She was suppose to see this guy she has a thing with, Sean, or, she was going to see her two friends, Rachel and Sarah, who are twins, but.. just for me, she  cancelled with the rest, and went out of her way for me. Which was SO nice!! I was so happy she ended up coming, her and I are so much alike, it's kind of scary. AND she loves Classic Rock music, just as much as I do!! It was funny, when her and I made plans, I was telling her how I LOVE this song, that Dog Bite Money, sings, from the band QUEEN, called "FAT BOTTOM GIRLS" and, i'm like.. do you know that song?? and, she said "YOU MAKE THE ROCK AND WORLD GO ROUND" and, i'm like, well... alrighty. I love it! Her and I can seriously complete each other sentences. I been wanting to bring her, to one of the gigs, for quite sometime. and, I'm so glad she decided to come. I think she is happy she ended up coming as well. And, I asked my parents, who they like out of all my friends, and besides my friend Brian, of course, they like Audrey (out of all my girl/friends) and, I couldn't agree. She is such a good friend.

So, her and I ooVoo'ed basically, while we were getting ready. and, we left my house around 7:32 or so, and went and picked her up. She lives about 15 mins away, in old bristol, which is technically border line of Bristol Boro, and Bristol Township she is technically in the township, though. and, her street looks so different at night! She almost lives, at a dead end, and at the end of her street, there is a little cul de sac, and, I seriously just noticed it. Lol, I've always been at her house, when it was light out. I guess I never went down that far, down her street.

So, we picked her up... and, we drove an hour.. and it was nice, just talking, catching up, her and my dad just meeting each other, and singing. Good times! How my dad drives, it took about 45 mins to an hour to get there. I read the directions to my dad this time. The last time we went to Tom's Bar, my mom read the directions.. and, read the miles wrong, so, we ended up taking longer for that one, and had to end up back tracking. But, it went smoothly this time. We got there about 9 o clock, and it started at 9:30, it was pretty packed. There were NO tables, or seats, we ended up standing. We said Hi to Freddy, and Steve. And, we ended up seeing Figgy's sister there, Donna, and, ended up catching up. Finally got to meet her Nephews.. one was my age, 20, and, he had a beer in his hand, was drinking, and ended up walking around, all over the place. If he wanted to drink, he should have been more discreate, but, it's none of my business. Audrey and I are 20, as well, but we weren't drinking. Technically, at Tom's, we aren't even allowed to be there. On the sign, before entering, it says NO ONE, under the age of 21 is permitted to come inside. Oops.. they didn't card, so, that is their problem. so, we caught up with some people, and was there for about a half hour or so.  and, since it was crowded... we left for about an hour, we drove about 15 mins away, to a pizza place. I forget the name, but, it started with a "P" and, we got 2 cheese steaks, everyone got a half of one, and we got a medium pizza. I liked the cheese steak, it was pretty cheesey! It was with prevlone cheese, and fried green peppers and onions! The pizza was okay, not the greatest. I'm not the kind of person who likes cheese on her pizza.. I like tomatoe pie, but, everyone had about 2 slices of pizza. I had one piece of pizza, then I shared the other half with my mom. I don't like the beginning of the pizza, where the triangle is. Usually there is more cheese down there.... I just like toward the middle, and the crust. Not too much cheese, although, I picked a huge glob  of cheese off of the pizza anyway.

After an hour, of relaxing, eating, and talking some more... we ended up going back to Tom's, by 10:30. It was even more packed, then it was, when we got there! So, we stood. Still no tables, or chairs were avaliable.. by 11:05 I believe, we found seats. and, they ended up singing the Birthday song, by the beatles. Then, I think they started singing, sweet caroline, or something by bon jovi. I think Audrey said they started singing "You give love a bad name" but, i'm NOT too sure. Neither of us were sure.. but, freddy was singing, and Audrey loved the song, and was jamming out, and she actually held the mic with Freddy, and him and her sang. and, it was for about a good 2 mins, and then after they sang, he kissed her forehead, then he walked around for about a min, then he came back near us, and, he gave me a side hug =) I was too stupid, to get a picture of them singing together! =( We were too much in the moment. It was so fun though. They really liked Audrey! I guess they can tell her, and I were close!

Hmm, soo... close to 12, they started singing suspicious minds, by the KING! (Elvis) and, my dad told me to dance with him, i'm not much of a dancer, but Audrey and I danced in our seats and we were like "grinding on each other" lmao! I rubbed my tittayssss all over her ;) ! But, so him and my mom actually ended up dancing, instead. As you see by the picture, below.... and, it was so cute! That is their song, they always dance to that one anyway!! and, after that song, I forget what other one came on, but some guy asked my mom to dance with her and she was like NO! I'M MARRIED! and, then he asked Audrey, she said No, i'm good! (he must have been at least 35 years old) then, he asked me. and, I pointed to my dad and said THAT'S MY DAD! and he went like O_O oh no! no! i'm sorry! and, he walked away.. came back, and said COME DANCE WITH ME BABY! Winked at me, and rubbed my arm.. and i'm like i'm good, and pushed him away. Then he like humped me. =/ Then, he finally found some weird looking tramp, who was about 55, so  they grinded instead. lmao. and, then some dude, who was probably close in our age range, like jerked off to Audrey, and then she was like OMG CAN WE LEAVE NOW! Then, a half hour later.. he came back, and he like humped her. lmao!! and, I tried to explain to her that 1) he was drunk, he had a beer in his hand and, 2) I believe MOST guys get a horny sentation when their drunk. lmao, I know my friend Randy, and Nick does. ANYWAY, that's beside the point. It was just really fucking funny.

 And, since Figgy wasn't there, there was this man there, and he was with his girlfriend, he was really drunk, and he was clapping, singing, and he did ALL the emotions that figgy did! Although, he wasn't "hard" core, looking, and he had no beard. But, he acted just like him! It was funny!

Then, they took a break, and Chris FINALLY came over, and said hello to me. and, he said "I SEE YOU CUT YOUR HAIR, I LIKE IT. YOU LOOK NICE" I was like WHOA! and, I love Chris, he is very down to earth, and he is spectular at remember peoples names! I brought my friend Dana, twice, and he remembered her name from the previous time.. and she was astounded. and, at the end of the night, he actually said to Audrey "It was nice meeting you Audrey, PLEASE COME BACK!!" But, when  he met Audrey, i'm like "This is my friend Audrey!" and, although I can be loud.. I guess he didn't hear me, and he looked at Audrey and was like O_o, what is your name? LOL!! and she was like Audrey. and, he said... Ah...ah..udrey? and, she is like Yes. lol!! So, I guess he just wanted to be sure. But, even though he drinks, he has a good memory! and, at the end when I was saying by to Tim, he is too cute, although My mom, Audrey, and myself, were saying goodbye.. my mom was talking to  Tim, and he was looking at me the whole time.. i'm like, yo buddie.. she is talking to you, not me! lol!! but, he seriously gave me 4 hugs. and, i'm like "Thank you so much for always having us" and, he is like "why are you thanking me!???? Thank YOU for coming! and, being great fans!!!"

So, I had a pretty good night. Except, I thought that it ended at 1AM, and it wasn't until 1:30, but, by the time we got out of there.. it was close to 2AM or, 2:15, because they did a few extra songs, and, we were saying goodbye to everyone in the band, and our friends we met there!! and, We didn't get home until, I believe 3:30ish, after we dropped Audrey off. We were all like sleeping in the car, and we were discussing apartments and stuff, and we were all a little grumpy. hahaha and at 4:30ish, I went to bed at the latest, and, I got up at 9:30AM, had breakfest, cleaned some, and got my shower at 11:45AM this morning, and I was DONE by 1PM, and I cleaned up and everything. I'm seriously on a roll. It is 5 of 2PM right now, and I have my cousin's graduation today. and, We will be a little late, i'm a little nervous, because some people can be asshole's in my family, and I'm so tired! Have you ever been so tired that you do stuff you normally wouldn't do? And, that you don't even sweat. And your too tired you can't en go pee... Well, that is me last night, but even worse right now. I have a feeling I'll be sleeping good, tonight. but, i'll write more.. later.. Hopefully tonight, but if not deff. Tomorrow!! and, keep you all posted on how it all goes.

If you read all of this, god bless your soul! I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you had a good weekend yourself (=

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