Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Sunday... My weekend ((continued...)

okay, so I just got home. It's 7PM, and we were about a half hour, to 45 mins late, to my cousin Michael's graduation party. We called my grandparents on the drive, there, and, we spoke with them on the phone for a little bit. And, if you didn't know, well.. no, you probably didn't. but, my dad was born in Pennsylvania and then they moved to New Jersey later on in my dads life. And, then, my  grandparents ended up moving down to Florida... when I was maybe, 8 years old? But...  Good news! They bought a new house, they got a farm. They wanted a farm, for about a year now.. they were looking at one, but, they actually had to rent out some houses, on that farm, and they would have been coming in with two incomes. So, they looked.. looked.. and looked.. and, they got a farm. They will be raising cattle. There is about 12 rooms (maybe more, who knows!) in the house. Thing is.. I don't know how they will take care of the cattle. Let alone, do with all of that property, or home. My grandmother just turned 71, in October. and, My grandfather.. is.. NO older then, 74? I forget, exactly, but around that. They are still somewhat young. But, there wish is for the ENTIRE family, to come down to florida. They have enough room, for all of us. It is a 12 acre farm. Which is decent! That was the size of my grandmother, on my mother's side, backyard. BUT, she didn't have a farm. She had a pretty big property, and then she had a field, behind her home. God bless them, I am worried.. but, we will see how it comes out. All of the work, would be all on my grandmother, my grandpa is lazy. He can't even get mustard, to put on his pretzel. He ALWAYS, yells "RO! (short for Rosemarie) go get me some mustard!"  So, i'm afraid for her. GOD FOR BID, something happened, to either one of them... I don't know how they can raise cattle. Especially, if one passes on one day.. how they would be doing it, alone. I am debating weather or not to maybe go down there. I think it may be good for me... everything is so cheap there. I don't like hot clements, but I have been thinking of it for awhile. It would be a good change, chance to meet new people. So, i'm still debating. It would give me a lot of independence.. although, I think my grandparents, at the same time, would drive me BONKERS! haha.

But, after we spoke we went into  my cousins party. I said hello to my uncle (my god father) and, my step aunt, first. and, earlier this week... Wednesday... my cousin and I, went at it. She got a job, with her step dad, she gets paid $16/Hour, at her job, AND she is 8 months younger then me! BUT, she only got the job... because of her step dad! and, she always like's to brag about it. How she has her own apartment, and everything. and, then.. there is me, I actually try, on my own, and, that is NEVER good enough. My uncle (her father) picks on me, for it. and, he told me I should actually go live with my grandparents, and, I can work for them, and pick up cow shit all day. Yeah, I hear this kind of stuff, all the time. How nice, right? I could never really stand, my fathers side of the family. My dads, sister, favors my cousin. My god father, just treats me bad. I am sick of it. I really am. But, I just "Kill them with kindness" and, take their shit. and, pretend it doesn't bother me. And, yet, they still continue. So, I just learned to ignore it. But, anyway, I ended up telling her I am not trying to compare myself to anyone. And, she said.. but, you are. I'm like, what? Look what your doing, miss. It just doesn't make sense. So, I didn't say hello to her at the party. Or her mom, or her step dad, the one who got her the job in the first place. He look's like a leprechaun. He never takes any effort, to say hello anyway. So, why should I?..Right? So, I went over, to my uncles, best friend, Jimbo, and his family. I spoke with his wife for a good 20 mins. She told me her whole life story. But, I really enjoyed talking with her. And, then I ate like a plate of food, I really liked the delivered eggs, I had two of those. And, my cousin, Chuckie, sat with my parents and I. And, it was nice... for the most part, we were talking. I enjoy talking to Chuckie. Him and I can relate, on SO many levels. He is an only child. and, I told him about Ashley... and, I told him, how, I am not trying to move out, right away, and, I honestly, don't see what the rush is, or the competition! and, he said "well, look at me!" and, he just turned 43, or 44, like in October. He still lives at home with his parents. I don't see anything wrong with that, honestly. He works for the government... so, it is not like he is really sitting on his ass, and letting his parents way on him hand and foot. Plus, his mother had Cancer, several years ago. and, his father is having some health issues, right now. He is having problems with his hip.. and, honestly, I think Chuckie is doing the right thing! He will be one rich bastard, after his parents, eventully, die. and, That is how I probably will be. Just, save, as much as you can. He is a momma's boy, but, he love's his parents. I just can't even explain it. Only child's, like, myself, is different.. then, people who have a sibling, or, more then one.  When your an only child, you don't really get compared, or anything. Which, is nice.. but, at the same time, it sucks. My entire life, I am afraid what will happen once my parents die. I wont honestly have anyone. I wont have no family. And, I wouldn't say I am the closest, with my cousins. My step cousins and I, don't talk. They're not very sociable..none of my cousins are, really. And, I am. Like, I have lots of manners..  and, I guess, i'm pretty shy around them. I can't explain it. I have my head on right, and, they have theirs.. crooked, a little. I have my moments, too, and I know it. But, it happens. Hopefully things will get better. We have our moments, where we don't say two words to each other.. and, the next time we speak, we talk a lot. It's crazy how it happens. But, I do feel awkward and uncomfortable, around them, I just don't know why. I always have been that way... ever since my grandparents moved, down to Florida. and, when my cousin's, parents, got a divorce.. I think, I went like, 6 years, without seeing them. So, there was that huge gap there, in awhile. Like, something was missing. They like talking about what is going on in their life... and, I don't. I feel as if, it's none of anyone's business, honestly. I just like, discussing, movies, music... that kind of conversation, with a lot of people. But, then, we may not always agree.. as usual. So, I just find family functions, very stressful. Is anyone else like that? I just get, so uptight. I only look forward to talking with the friends, of the family, and my uncle brian... and, my cousin chuckie. They don't judge me, plus they aren't drama filled. My cousin Chuckie and I, discussed the government, and  for a good hour, I discussed Madison's, schooling, with her mom. But, when it comes to talking with my Aunt Ro, or, My Uncle Mike, I just get so stressed. Aunt Ro, has to make a huge TO-DO, about everything you talk about. That is why, I guess, her and, my cousin Ashley, get along so well. They like to gossip. and, I don't! That is why, My cousin Ashley and I, don't agree awhole lot. Hmm... I guess, in a way, they give me tough love? But, I do not fucking(excuse my language) appreciate it! AT ALL! All I ever want, is to be treated like a human being, or be treated with the same respect in return. But, some of my family... all of their life, just revolves, around,  what they do. Work, School... Friends, yada, yada, yada. And, for me.. I am a realistic, type. And, what I mean by that.. is, If I talk about a piece of paper.. I, discuss, with others (that are my type) about that piece of paper.. and, we, bring it to life. We, think outside the box. It's like, well.. if this piece of paper, could walk.... we would all be in trouble. And, get paper cuts. I am that kind of person! Or, I can take something, let's say, the word: PLUNGER, and make SEVERAL jokes, that could probably last two hours, on just that one word. and, that is what Me, My mom, My dad, Chuckie, and my uncle Brian do. We have our own little, groups, I would say.. when we get together with our families. It has always been like this. I wish I could talk to my cousins, more, when we are together...  but, I just am so sickened. I don't say a word. and, I think, maybe, to cure this, would be NOT to text my cousins, everyday. and, ignore them.... if they text me. and, My next step, is maybe deleting ALL family, especially my dad's side, off of facebook. He has a small nit, family. We see my dad's side of the family, more.. we don't see my mom's as much, but I wish we could. But, My aunt doesn't add my mom, or other family members, on facebook, just me, and my cousins, because she feels as if with family... you should be able to call them on the phone, send them letters. and, facebook, or any social networking site, is just for your friends. and, I am starting to see what she means.. and, I couldn't agree more!!! and, I feel like, if I delete my cousins, and some of my family.. I wouldn't know what their up to, or vise versa, and, we would actually HAVE something to discuss, when we see each other. Does anyone agree, with me??, or, see where I am coming from??

but, the graduation party.. almost reminded me, of my graduation party. It was laid back. and, relax ful. People were sitting around, or standing.. eating, and talking. Nothing major. It was nice.

So, I had an interesting weekend. So many people this weekend, that I haven't seen, since, December 17th, actually! I feel as if, Dog Bite Money, always plays, when I see my dad's side of the family.. ha ha. But, I am always seeming to kill two birds, with one stone. Which, is always good. It was busy, busy, busy.

I Hope you all had a good one! I would love to hear about yours as well. :)

Again, if you read this far.. .god bless your soul. I am a very DETAILED writer. That's why I decided I would be good at writing blogs, I did get a certificate in writing!! So, I figured I would give it to good use. It is 8PM... so, it only took me an hour to write this. BUT, I did stop for a few mins, to just do a couple things around the house, really quick! :o)

I hope you enjoyed. and, hopefully I didn't bore you all TOO MUCH! ;-)

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