Monday, January 30, 2012

Maybe I panicked....

So, if anyone is reading my blog, I spoke about my cousin Ashley. She texted me this morning! And, liked my facebook status last night. I guess she doesn't hate me after all. She texted me saying she was sorry, that she didn't talk much. So, I texted back and said it was fine, we got there a little late, and I told her I knew she had her friend with her, and didn't wanna bug her. haha. So, hopefully we are all hunky, dory then!

on another note, I just woke up, about a half hour ago. I'm EXHAUSTED! From this weekend, and I have the WORST headache, I ate something small.. but the headache is still here. I hate resorting to taking medicine for it. I'm very "old school" as you will, they just let it go away on their own... I could go back to sleep, but, I wanna sleep tonight. Sigh... maybe I will take an Advil, after all. It'll work faster.

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