Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hello, everyone! and, for all you new comers... WELCOME!

I'm Maxine, I just turned 20, on December 25th! [yes, Christmas Day!] Some of you are probably here, because your subscribed to me on youtube. If you aren't, feel free to check out my channel: If you would like to find me on ANY site, for the most part, all my site names are "MissMaxine91" so, feel free to look me up on your favorite websites you enjoy using.
Anywhosers, It is still January.. and, I plan to blog, daily, like most people do. It looks a lot of fun, and It will give me something to do, and, to keep productive. Which, is nice...  because it is a litle different then just being on facebook, youtube, or tumblr all the time. Here, you will learn things about make up... nails... woodwork... cooking... and, anything in between! I am a women, whom has many talents, and, I just enjo showing people that it ISN'T as hard, as you make things out to be. I did have my blogger, site, for about a year now.. I used to have blog sales, I only sold, one or two things. Then, months went by... and, I check this thing once and awhile, and read what others are doing on here. And, I figured I may jump on the band wagon and I may start writing as well. I'm VERY good at writing, I got a certificate in High School, Senior Year, for writing. So, I may as well let it come to use. See.. i'm sure you didn't know that about me. You learned something new already! :-) Here, you will all get to know me better, on a deeper level.. and see what is inside my head, I sure hope you enjoy it! I am always up to making new friends, and, I always answer! So, please feel free to leave me a comment, don't be shy. I don't bite, i'm probably one of the most down to earth, and sweetest girls, that you'll ever meet. I promise, i'm not a phony who is all talk... but, let this wild ride (if you enjoy swimming. like me, you will understand that term!) begin.... and, let me just show you.

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