Thursday, January 26, 2012

A normal night

OoVooing with some great friends of mine, my "wife" Trisha, My BEST friend in the world, Brian, and my friend Aj, oh, and, i'k the one on the far right! I love doing this. It is so fun. Yay, for people with glasses! Coolest Kids Alive! :3
A normal night for me, is just relaxing at home, weather it is after I am done babysitting, school, or just a day at home...  it always has been. Just hanging out, watching TV, laying around, drawing, writing, texting, talking on the phone.. and, since about 8th grade.. I also spend my nights going on the computer. Ever since, I never seem to EVER leave my computer. Facebook, Tumblr, ooVoo'ing. I love ooVoo! It is a service, to talk with friends or family on webcam, and it's so fun, it's in real time, and it's an awesome way to keep in touch, and it's awesome because you can see them, and it almost feels like their right there, with you. I love it. It's probably one of the best creations ever made, and I give my webcam a lot of GOOD use!  I'm pretty amazing at multi-tasking Except, if i'm on facebook in the middle of a conversation with someone, I end up walking away for what I "ASSUME" will be 5 mins, but, ends up being 59 mins, to a phone call with a completely different friend. Or, I just end up cutting my friends short, sometimes, and I don't even mean to, and, I end up realizing it the next day. Then, I have those occassional nights, where I may see a friend, or two. Or, just go on some kind of adventure. Go shopping, the mall, walking around, driving around (which is one of my favorite things to do! Just looking at all the scenery. Or, looking at houses (or, if it is Christmas time.. I really ENJOY looking at Christmas lights!!) Or, spend time w/ my family (both my mom, and dad who I live with) and, we may go out to dinner. Which is always nice.

I don't do anything too crazy, I don't go off to go Gambling, or Drinking, or Partying, or Vegas... It may be  nice to Party, every now and then, but, I don't. and, I'm completely fine with that. What I do, always ends up working for me in the end. And, I always enjoy what I end up doing! I don't even sit around my house for countless hours EVERY night, and do my hair, make up, or nails.. most of the time, I end up looking like, the above picture. and, i'm fine with that. I don't feel like I need to always dress up, I actually enjoy my "BUMMING" days, Who do I honestly need to impress? Take me as I am, or leave it! but, then there are some nights, that I may sit around, do my make up for an hour, and do my hair, and end up going out. But, majority of the time, I don't always wear crazy eye make up, or crazy nails.. although, I am pretty badass at it, but I don't have to eat, breathe, and sleep make up 24/7. All of this, has worked for me, for years... and, I hope that as I continue to mature, I still do this (just maybe as not so much, but still have some free time to fit it into my schedule!)

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