Wednesday, February 22, 2012

25 things to do when your bored!

So, i'm just sitting on my couch right now. I honestly can't remember when I last sat down, on my couch.. or, just in general! Although, I am sitting on my couch right  now! (ha. ha.) and, actually wrote something decent. I think the last time I wrote... was over the weekend, but it was more of sharing, and not actually trying. So, here I am. Writing, once again! I hope someone out there reads my blogs, and enjoys them. and, hopefully I am not just typing for the hell of it, until my hands fall off... or boring you to death.

Well, here is a list I came up with, for the 25 things to do when your bored (AT HOME, addition! That are appropriate for MOST ages.)

1. Laundry... I know, a lot of us hate doing it, and it isn't fun... but a good way to get through it? TURN ON SOME MUSIC, and BLAST it! It will motivate you, and you wouldn't be too bored as much, dance or even sing while doing it. You can burn some calories.

2. Yes, I spoke about music.. above, LISTEN TO MUSIC! Listen to the radio... your ipod, music on your iphone, through the computer... ect.

3. As also stated in #1, CALORIES!.... go exercise. Run up and down the stairs... go on the treadmill, if you have one. or, even turn on a fitness channel. Walk around your house... OR, you could even go for a walk around the block. Everyone could use exercise to stay healthy, and in shape, or even if you want to lose weight.

3. COLOR! There is no age limit, on coloring. I'm 20 years old, and, I enjoy coloring when I babysit, with the kids! Or, even if you like to draw. It is a great hobby, and something to do when you have free time... and, i'm assuming your bored, you have free time, if you came across this blog. ;)

4. Watch TV!

5.  Go on the computer, go social network with your friends, on facebook, tumblr, twitter, emailing, or... if your like me, you could even start a youtube channel, or even a blogger!!

6. Cook.... wanna be nice, and make everyone a delicious dinner? You can prepare a meal, without going overboard, or even if you know very little about cooking. Maybe make some pasta, or a dip... or, just help your folks' in the kitchen.

7. Clean..... have a lot of junk, just laying around in your room? Dirty? Whip out the sweeper, even! Bring out the duster, and the rag!... and, maybe even some gloves and windex.

9. Talk on the phone. Call up an old friend, or even a relative! Who you haven't talked to in awhile.... It is always nice catching up, and seeing what people are up to. You could find yourself talking about a lot of things, and that can be very time consuming... and pass the time, without you even knowing!!

10. ORGANIZE! Have a lot of DvD's just laying around.. in a pile? Or, maybe under your TV? Or, in a cabinet? Organize them! If you have legally blond, 1 & 2, put them together... or, put comedy, with comedy. Or, romance w/ romance. That way.. when you are looking for something, you now know where to look, and it will be easier to find.

12. Get rid of. - look through old clothes, toys, jewelery.... do you ALWAYS use it? Probably not. Does it not fit anymore? Gain a few lbs? Collect stuff in a trash bag, that you no longer use, and you want to get rid of.  You could throw it away.... give it away, or, if it is nice enough, EVEN SELL IT!

13- As #12 stated... sell stuff.. Have a yard sale.

14. FIND A HOBBY! Find something you enjoy doing, like coloring... drawing.. cleaning... collecting.

15. (Falling under finding a hobby..) TRY SOMETHING NEW! Never knitted before? well, pick up some thread and needles and give it a twirl! Can't hurt to say you at least tried.

16. HAVE A GET TOGETHER! Call up 2 or 3 of your closest friends.. and, invite them over. It can never hurt, to have a girls day! :o)

17. Falling under #16 ~ HAVE A MOVIE NIGHT!! Call up a friend or two... and have a movie night. Maybe even an Adam Sandler, marathon!! Whip out the popcorn..... and, just relax!

18. Sleep! Everyone needs their beauty sleep. You can never catch up, on sleep sometimes.. when you have a busy life. Just relax... take it easy. and, rest..

19. Shower. CLEAN YOURSELF!!!!!! Shave those legs.... them armpits.... wash that hair.... and, use deodorant! Take CARE of YOURSELF.

20. Write. If your like me, and you enjoy writing... or, maybe you just are lonely, and, have no one to talk to... writing is a good thing for a lot of reasons! Express yourself, in paper, if you cant out loud. It is time consuming.... and, it NEVER hurts to practice your handwriting at ANY age, we could all use, sometimes, to get better at it. Ex: Even practice your cursive... if you normally write in print.

21. DECORATE!!! It can never hurt to clean up the house, and then afterward, decorate... maybe you want to put those knick knacks, in a special place that you finally made room for, by organizing.

22. HOME MADE!!!! Do you enjoy baking? Maybe you enjoy sewing? Or, drawing? or, pottery??  It can never hurt to make someone a home-made gift. Maybe, one of your friends, birthdays, are coming up. Or, maybe your mother or fathers birthday is coming up... nothing says, special, and come from the heart, then... something that is home made!

23. Sit/Think-- shut that computer off, and leave your phone off and keep it in the other room. Go sit on the couch... in utter silence, and, just THINK. Observe what is going on around you... count how many times the house phone rings, in one day... think about where you are at in life, or, where you want to go. Just, have some *you* time. Or, even go outside.... sit under the tree... and watch the clouds... watch the birds fly... or, just go tanning.

24. Go try out a new hair style, or make up style. Practice always makes perfect. ;-)

25. Get a blog site, like I have, and come up with a creative list, on your own, too.

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