Sunday, February 19, 2012


Soooooo.... I saw Dog Bite Money again! It was awesome, Freddy sang about 2 songs, first, and then he sang "Dream On" by, Aerosmith! and, If you didn't know... i'm a HUGE Aerosmith fan! I LOVE STEVEN TYLER!!!! Well, as he was singing, I made eye contact w/ him, and he threw his hat to me!!!! :D I caught it! I was SO excited! :o) and, then he sang like several other songs, and, I wanna say later on that, not sure what time, he sang a second Aerosmith song: "Walk this way" and, they normally don't do TWO Aerosmith songs in one night! Then, it was funny, the drummer (Steve) had a mickey mouse shirt on... and he is like I saw you when you walked in, and you don't wanna know what I was thinking! We have to get a picture, later! Shortly after that... Fred (the lead singer, who I kinda have a crush on, and who reminds me of Steven Tyler!!) asked, if we had his hat. He asked for it back. So, for awhile.. I was VERY sad! BUT, Then, the bass player, Tim, said "You guys thought on the same brain length" and, the drummers wife, Tina, came in, a little late. I wanna say maybe around 11:30, or so. And, then it took her like, an hour.. but, she finally came over and said Hi. And, we were talking, she asked me how my teeth were doing and stuff (because I had to get a mouth guard for my teeth... haha, because I grind them!!) and, then she even said, how she was talking to Steve and he wanted a picture, but she forgot her camera, and I said don't worry! I have my phone! :o) and, We got a picture of our shirts on! So.. I wasn't sad about the hat anymore. and, I couldn't say bye to Chris, or Tim! :( But Chris waved from across the room, and blew me a kiss! :) so, that made up for it!  and, Donna (a friend who comes to these events of DBM) kept asking me to dance all night. and, since Tina, texted herself the picture of Steve and I, from my phone, she sent me a picture of her and her daughter. and, we were talking, while I was on the way home, and I texted her till we got home! and, she even said "You owe me a dance?" ugh! So, I said "okay!" so, when I go to the St. Patty's day, 5 band Jam,  that day... i'll have to dance. I told tina how I suck at it, and she goes "So Do I! Who cares?" sadly, I care. lol, thinks will be jiggling from areas that I didn't know could jiggle..... What did I get myself into? I have a month to practice! FML!

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