Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year!..... just a thought

Today is leap year.. there is normally 28 days in February.. but, there is 29! Because, today is February 29th!  I can't believe tomorrow is already the first day of March. Where is all of this time going?? HONESTLY? TOO FAST I'LL SAY! So much time has gone by.... I can't believe June, will be in about 3 months. Time needs to slow down for a little bit. I wish I could just freeze time, and sleep.

I mean... think about it.. I would really love a time machine. I think that would be awesome. For any of us to just be able to rewind time, and go back to a certain point when we were truly happy. OR, just freeze time.... maybe,  you just don't want a certain night to ever end, because your having a blast and your truly happy in the moment. OR, Maybe we could all even speed up time....and, get out of a certain situation. I know I would like that.. but, unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. OH well, I've gone this long without a time machine, anyway. Just a random thought though.

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Wednesday! I love Wednesdays... middle of the week! And, that means we are almost to the weekend. Plus, the BEST shows are on, on Wednesday nights! Happy Endings... Are you there, Chelsea... American Idol..... Face off... and more! I just don't ever know where to begin, when I watch my shows later on in the night. D: :O ha ha....

Please let me know, what shows you guys like to enjoy watching! Leave a comment!

Talk to you all soon! :-)

~~ Miss Maxine

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