Monday, March 12, 2012


So.. the last time I wrote something on here was on Leap Year. I didn't mention in that post.. (probably because it happened after I posted it) but, Davey Jones died that day. That makes me very sad. I loved him... he was apart of a group called The Monkee's. and, if anyone knows me, on a personal level... you'll know, that I love oldies music with a passion! Davey Jones was my first celebrity crush. Ugh. I'm so sad, he is gone. but, enough about that.

Two weeks ago, on March 3rd, I went to dog bite money! Me and Tina danced together, and got a picture together. We danced to YOU REALLY GOT ME- Van Halen!! Great song.. she wrote me, this past saturday and said "one week till I see ya!!" I am going to see dog bite money, this weekend (saturday!) and 5 other bands, for winter jam. Kind of like... bambozzle, except MUCH cheaper!! =) I'm pretty excited, I never did anything like this.

I don't enjoy dancing... but, I have a feeling i'll be dancing again on saturday. =/ UGH! LOL

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