Friday, March 30, 2012


Hey everyone! I apologize since I haven't written anything in awhile... but now I am! If you haven't seen my new video yet, please click here and do so:  Catch up with me!

Obviously, if you have already watched it you know that my life has been a little hectic lately.
My father has been in the hospital, yesterday was one week. I am not sure as of yet when he is coming out. I feel like a total asshole because I told everyone on facebook (all my friends and family) late Wednesday night, that he was coming home on Thursday, which was yesterday.. and, he didn't come home. I'm not going to update facebook, until he is OFFICIALLY home though! and, if anyone actually reads my blogs... well, you are all the first to know this. Beside from my father being in the hospital, i've been sick, and just keeping busy. This past year for me... deff. has had its UPS and DOWNS!! It's been one hell of a ride needless to say. I am trying my hardest though to hang tight, and keep my sanity!!! I'm just physically AND emotionally tired at this point. I always make time aside for myself, for others though... you should all know that. Making videos for you guys, blogging, friends, family, ect. Seems like lately, I haven't had any "ME" time, honestly!! But... this is my life, and I enjoy every aspect of it, it keeps me busy. There is never really a dull moment in my life.... even if I do complain on twitter of how bored out of my mind I am sometimes! ;D ha! ha! ha!!

I hope all of you are doing well, though!!!!! I am trying to get back into blogging and/or vlogging everyday, now. As soon as things calm down for me a little. I hope you all  understand. I have time... but sometimes your so busy, working, and or doing other things you can't look away, or step away for a min. because you never know what will happen! I try and compromise as much as possible though. At least I don't go months, and shut everyone out completely. Right?... :)

Since I am not there, physically..... i'm sending many HUGS your way!!!!!!!!!!

I'll talk to you all very soon!!!! Ta Ta!!!


~~ Miss Maxine ~~


  1. You and Your family are in my prayers! Love you girl. Hope everything is okay! If you still have my email shoot me and email.