Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hi everyone, so, i've been vlogging everyday. On my newest channel!! You can find my newest channel if you click here. I spoke about it briefly, on my main channel. Assuming, your following my blogspot, because you probably have found my blog site, from my main youtube channel, which is this one. Well, anyway.. that is beside the point, I am vlogging everyday in April! VEDA, BABY!!!! and, hopefully after April is done, I will be doing frequent videos. I plan to BLOG, now, everyday as well! I am not sure what I will be talking about. I know in the first place, it was just for anything beauty related, but I am a just well-rounded gal, and I enjoy talking about many different subjects. :-)

So, check back here, on my blog more often,  to find out always the latest news and gossip going on in my life. ;-D love you guys!

Hope your all having a WONDERFUL, Wednesday.


~~ Miss Maxine ~~

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