Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy 25th Birthday, Jesse McCartney!

Happy 25th Birthday to this handsome man named Jesse McCartney, at the top!!!! This picture was taken by me, back in June of 2007. It was the end of my freshmen year in High School.  B5 was also there, and so were the Jonas Brothers, when they first started out! It was a great summer, needless to say. I also went to a Plain White T's concert, with some friends, at my local mall, for FREE! And, I also saw The Beach Boys, down in Atlantic City. Jesse McCartney is my Celebrity Crush, my number 1 Celebrity Crush, at that! I may love other Celebritys, too. But, not as much as I love him! But, I went and saw him at the Wildwood Convention Center, with my parents. My dads paid one of the ushers, $100's... to get us to the 8th row. At first, they placed us behind these huge vending machines, and we couldn't see a thing! Before it even started, my mom went up to go get a snack, she got a pretzel, and, I believe I got a diet coke. On our way to  go up and get our snacks, I started to burst out in tears, when we were in line. I'm not one to really cry in front of people... so, I tried to make it look like I wasn't crying, and that I was okay. Someone had asked me if I was alright, because they saw me crying... my cover up? I said "i'm fine, i'm just allergic to my shirt!" ha! ha! It is so funny looking back. It was a great day for me. I bought two t-shirts, a keychain, and a few more items, they are all hung up in my room. I remember the day like it was yesterday. One of the best, I would love to meet him sometime. My life would be complete, I can't even describe the awesome feeling, of being able to breathe the same air as him.

I saw him before that, too. When I was in 3rd grade. I saw him with the boy band, Dream Street he was in, and I believe either 3LW or Dream, was there with him! I think that was when Chris Trousdale sang a song with Dream, for the first time. That was cool to see, as well. I went with school, actually! I became a fan though, of Jesse, when I was only 5 years old. Him starting out on all my children, then he was in sugar beats, then dream street, he had a show called summer land, he had a movie called keith, he appeared in some hannah montana episodes, and also was in the show greek, he also just recently came out with a new movie called beware of gonzo, and was in CSI. He sings.. acts, writes. He is all around amazing, and so down to earth! He isn't in trouble, like half of the celebritys are, that are his age, like Lindsay Lohan. He just keeps  to himself, and does his own thing! That is what I like the best about him!! I still can't believe how time is flown, and today he is turning 25. I feel old, just remembering all of this! My 13-year-old-inner-girl comes out today! I have no shame, i'm proud to say I am probably one of his oldest fans, and I have stuck by him through it all. Nothing is gonna ever change that, even through heartbreaks, he is the only guy that has never let me down, and his music says so much, and he is so inspiring, and he has stolen my heart. I love him and his beautiful soul! ;)

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