Friday, April 20, 2012

Collecting Donations for Alzheimers Disease!

Hey everyone! I am collecting donations for Alzheimers Disease!!
I am part of AFA Teens (Alzheimers Foundation of America) and, I am hoping for all of your help. My goal is to ear $100.00 dollars, in cash for this horrible disease. I could recieve more, like some people collect thousands, but I am only asking to collect $100.00! You can submit any amount you want, anything from $2.50 and above, i’m really not asking for much.

My grandmother passed away from this horrible disease back in September of 2007. She was my best friend and I miss her everyday. I honestly wouldn’t want to wish this on anyone, not even a snake. It is not fun, visiting a family member, and them forgetting your name,  their name.. and, even  the fact that they just went to the bathroom 5 minutes ago, or that they have eaten.

It’s really sad. All I honestly hear is “Cancer this.. Cancer that.” Yes, many people get Cancer, but Alzheimers is one of the top 10 leading causes of death in the U.S. It is ranked as number 6 of causing leading deaths. It isn’t just a part of “aging” people as young as 40 can even get this. With Cancer, you can at least treat it.. and, in some cases, if it is found early on, you can treat it, and even beat it. With Alzheimers, all you can do is take some medicine to slow the progression of it. Which is just making it a long-drawn out process. If we could find a cure for this disease, it would be great.

I can’t even explain how sad it is to watch someone you love, totally lose it. I remember my grandmother used to forget if she went to the bathroom, or if she has eaten. Sometimes, she forgot to even feed her self, for DAYS, and we can’t watch her 24/7, I went to school, my parents worked, ect. We would stop by, and we would cook, and it would be like her last meal. Then, when we found out she had Alzheimers, she only stayed one year at her home. We had to get her into an assistant living, god forbid she fell down the steps, to her basement or something, and got hurt. We would’ve never forgiven ourselves.

It isn’t fun losing anyone in general, honestly. It’s very very sad. All the good times, the memories… that is all you can hold on to. With Alzheimers Disease, unlike you and I, they lose that ability to remember, short term, or long term. Some type of memories, will go. Memories are precious, so please just take 2 minutes out of your day for me, and donate. It can be as little as 25 or 50 cents, any little bit counts.

Thank you to anyone in advance if you do donate. and, god bless. You can follow this link, where it shows a picture of my grandmother and I on my 15th (which was Christmas) and, it was our last Christmas together. Yes, I was very young going through something as heart breaking as this Disease, I miss her till this day, and I am now 20. I hope you hear back from all of you, and remember if anyone ever needs the favor in return I would be gladly to help. Also, in return.. if anyone donates as much as $5.00’s in return, I will be gladly to make you a FREE Alzheimers Ribbon Keychain, and I will ship it out to you. (It doesn’t have to be Alzheimers, it can be breast cancer, Autism, ect. Just let me know the colors, and I will work with you)

Thank you again everyone. and, if you did read this whole thing, god bless.
~ Miss Maxine
Here is the link to anyone who would like to donate for this cause,  today!:

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