Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Inbox Dollars

Okay, everyone.. I have a review for you all today! It isn't beauty related I apologize. It is on a website, I've been making money on, for about 2 years now. It is a legitimate website, and it actually pays you. I thought I would let you all know about this great website!! I figured, everyone loves to make a little bit of extra money, it isn't much, you can make a total of $30.00's before they allow you to request a check. They take out about 2 dollars, so they can ship it to you. You can wait, until you reach $40.00's, and then request a check, and, they won't take anything out then. I am a  gold member, I believe after 3 checks... they upgrade you for free, to a gold member. It is even free to join!! They give you $5.00's for FREE just for signing up, which is always nice. I was a little skeptical at first when I started using this, but there are MANY ways to make money. By doing survey's, of course, get paid to read emails (and confirm them) by watching video advertisements (no longer then 2 min. long videos!) You can even  get paid to play games! (Down side is you have to enter in a  credit card number, but once you earn a certain amount of points, a certain percentage goes to your Inbox Dollars account, so you can get paid to do them. Then, you make the points in the Inbox Dollars Game Store, and.. after a certain amount, it's been awhile so I forget exactly, you can request either gift certificates, or gift cards! You can also request like $5.00's, $10.00's, ect. back in.. so you can play games, with the money they give you, Instead of using your credit card. I didn't like that very much, personally. Games are very fun though, easy, and addicting!! The down side to all of this, is when you first sign up (before you reach the gold member account, for free) you have to wait awhile, to receive your check, so it can go through processing and all.You even have to wait awhile, for the gift cards, gold member or not! Once you reach the gold member, award, and they award you for free to become a gold member, there is more benefits. You get a little more money off the % of referrals you make! (Like, having people joining the site through YOU so they can make money as well!!) Also, you can get paid to even use coupons. Which is always great, because if your at Wal*Mart, ACME, Giant, or any grocery store, and you want to buy a certain kind of paper towel, or yogurt, you get paid to use the coupon. So, 1: You'll be saving when you buy! and, 2: you actually make money off of just using the coupon. Like I said... it isn't much, you get paid like 2 cents, for reading emails, watching videos, and ect. With Surveys, you can make up to I believe $5.00's or MORE!! Everyone is different though, you can make money either quickly, or slowly on this site.. just depending on how much you do, in so little time. Or, what you do, even! You have to qualify for the surveys, so if you qualify, and they accept you to take it, you could be making some good money. They are looking for certain age groups, people, ect. to take the surveys, so, if your not making money quickly on it, I wouldn't suggest being discouraged. There will be more, coming your way! There is a lot to learn on the site, So, if you don't believe me, just click here, and sign up yourself.

^^ That is the link, just sign up, use a legit. Email, your going to have to confirm your account, in your email. It is worth it in the end, and you can even track how much earnings you make!! I know this kind of sites, aren't for everyone. I just do it in my spare time, when i'm bored, also when I want to make some extra cash, I usually just try and save all the money I make on here, since it isn't much. I just wanted to share with you all. I figured, everyone little bit counts... right? You can even, enjoy it! It isn't hard to really even do. Anyone can sign up!! Just read everything, it will explain much more in depth, as to what I told you all, I just went over the basics. I approve of this site, this is the one survey/ect. site, I will actually trust 100%!! It is time consuming, you just have to have patience, and it will give you something to do if your bored, and you will make money out of it in the end! You can cash out, like I said, if you make up to $30.00's or more, then you can cash out whenever you want! I (think) it's been awhile, but after I believe, your 3rd check, they will let you have the option to upgrade and become a gold member, for free. You don't have to enter your credit card or anything, to become a gold member!! You get better benefits out of it (not much, but some extra) and it will  become more fun then, and after you become a gold member, you can receive your check within a week, and not a month, or longer!! Which, is always nice too. I really like that option, because they don't have to process it or anything then.

I hope you all can check it out, I like it. I hope you all do too! If any of you do end up signing up, please let me know what you think of it. =)

Have fun, and Happy Earnings!!!!!


~~ Miss Maxine ~~


  1. have you gotten a check from it yett?

    1. yes chickyy! I got like 10 checks from them already!! lol i been using it for like two years now =)