Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So it seems.

So, it seems like every time I attempt to make a blog... somehow it gets deleted, or saved to drafts. Don't know why... but, once again, i'm making another attempt. Sorry I have been a little M.I.A. Things have been a little busy, been babysitting, and I was sick for a couple days. It comes and, goes. If you follow me on youtube (then, that is how you probably found my blog) then, i'm sure you watched my latest video called "catching up" and, just telling what I have been to for the last couple of days. If not, you can watch the video, here:

Hopefully soon, I will get back into making more tutorials! Lately, I just been doing a lot of "favorites" videos. I am on my "jewelry" favorites, tomorrow I plan on making on making my bracelets, one!! I've already done, my necklaces.... earrings... now, it will be bracelets! :) Then, I will be done with that segment, for now, of the favorites, then maybe sometime in the future... I will most likely make one on my favorite make up. I may do a video (maybe long, i'm debating) that will be a small review, and just show you my favorite ones of each make up I use!! Thank you all so much who has been by my side, since the beginning. It really means a lot!! I hope your all doing well, and, I hope your all having a wonderful Wednesday so far. :) I plan on getting back into the routine, of writing, daily! Hope you missed me! :-) ; )

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