Friday, February 3, 2012

Opinion: Abortions

So, I know this is a touchy subject.. but, I am not afraid to state my opinion. Don't like it? Stop reading now. I just had a full on debate on my facebook right  now. I'm up for anything!! Lol BRING IT ON SUCKERS! I understand But, a friend of mine posted his opinion, about women, and getting abortions, and, stuff and how he understands that some people feel as if it is up to the women. So, his girl/friend commented on it saying how it depends on what religion you are, and if it is boycotted. Which, I agree, to some extent. He said that he feels as if any women has an abortion, you should go to jail. Because, you are killing a life. WHICH, I do agree! 100%, but, if you don't want to have a kid in the first place, in my opinion, you don't have to agree with me.. Just don't have sex. Birth control, and condoms aren't always effective, and if you just want to prevent pregnancy all together JUST DON'T HAVE SEX. It isn't that fucking hard, people. Under certain  circumstances, like.. let's say, the women was raped, and she wanted an abortion. That should be a legit reason as to why she would like to get an abortion, and, I feel like that reason should be okay. Because, she did not ask for that to happen, it was forced upon her. I would know, my friends are popping out babies, left and right these days, i'm 20 years old now.. I just turned 20, on Christmas, so, i'm still some what a "newbie" but, I can certainly say, that I made it through my teenage years, without becoming pregnant. I learn from my friends, and people around me, and I sure as hell don't want to end up like half of them.

And, what is up with this 16 and pregnant/Teen Mom? The first fucking season, with Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, was great. BUT, now, they have new girls left and fucking right! Like, they just pay anyone to just get knocked the fuck up, and become "popular" i'm sorry, but... I know it is a reality show, but YOU HAVE NO TALENT. Just because your a mom, doesn't mean shit. I understand mom's have a lot to do, and it is most definitely an obligation... I understand that, I baby sit. I know how much hard work it is. It is like, you have some free time.. BUT, you can't take your eyes off of them for one min! Or, they'll end up hitting their head, or they'll fall on the floor, or something. It can be very hard, at times. I understand that... but, girls just need to stop. Pregnancy has increased so much over the years. Girls, is it really THAT hard, to say no? NO, I didn't think so. I have said it before. PLENTY of times. If the guy can't accept that, tough shit. and, males... is it that hard to keep it in your fucking pants? Don't fucking bitch, if your girlfriend isn't giving you "ANY" or, giving you *head*.. why should she? She doesn't have to do ANYTHING, she doesn't want to do. In most cases, I understand, if your dating... but, still. Relationships, aren't all about sex, and getting jiggy with it.. Some of you, well, most of you.. probably don't even think, when in the moment, which, I can understand as well.. BUT, you have to be able to take on ANY responsibility that comes your way! If your man enough to take your penis out, and shove it inside a girls vagina.. and not pull out... or, use a condom.. well, you sure as hell better fucking take care of the outcome.
Go ahead.. Go ahead.. blow up my box, with anonymous bullshit.. and, bitch at me, for having my own opinion. The last time I checked... It didn't cost anything.

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